Your Worst Web Designing Is Probably Due To Your Own Business Mistakes

Quite honestly, I would rather not have a website than a really unworkable, ugly one! The actual design of your site has a major influence on viewers and potential customers. Whether you are working with a web designer or going for it on your own, beware of the biggest design disasters out there:

Don’t Put Everything, Including the Kitchen Sink, On Your Site:

OK, so you have a great track record in dog training and obedience training. You have a wonderful track record and the most amazing team on the planet. That does not mean you need to place every biography and detail on your site! First and foremost – no one is going to read it! Why would you waste space that should be used for good SEO or helpful information? You want to attract viewers with important information that will encourage these visitors to contact you for more information. You want to stimulate potential customers to buy your product or service.

Inform Visitors About Who You Are:

Attention span, in this day and age, is slowly dropping to zero! If visitors cannot figure out who and what you are about in the first few seconds, they are gone! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were all Hemingway and could charm visitors to the level of total amazement? Unfortunately, I’m not Hemingway and neither are you. Keep your content fresh, new and up to date. Give really important details regarding your services and always include How To Contact You!

Your Call To Action:

Every business on the internet is selling something. Your call to action should be upfront and clear. Fun information is just that, fun – it doesn’t make money. You must clarify your products and services in such a way that who could live without it. Your services and products should always be upfront in the minds of visitors. That does not mean scream BUY IT NOW on every single page. Guide visitors to pages that will entice them to purchase a product or service from you. The more enticing your information is, the more likely they will contact you or purchase from you by the end of the information they have gathered.

Everyone Is A Potential Customer:

Don’t assume every human being on the internet is into your service or product. Your business design must target consumers within your niche. Before starting a design, ask yourself what your core business is about and who will want your products or services. Is your business totally within a geographic area? Does your business market to families or better yet your family’s pet? Once you understand who you are targeting, you will discover what information must be incorporated onto your website. You will also realize what your site should look like! If you are into dog grooming, why would you have a design for the Star-ship Enterprise!

Long Text Is Like Being Long-winded:

Do not write a book on your site! If you have valuable information that should be conveyed then break it up into bullet points. Use short paragraphs, highlight subtitles and bold keywords.

Keep Your Designing Efforts Clean:

If you are creative or have a huge imagination, that’s great but don’t include everything on your site. If your site becomes too busy, it will bog down the site and if you get too flashy it will distract your visitors. Always keep in mind that the sole purpose of your business site is to sell something! Do not lose track of that concept.

Hiring A Website Designer:

If you know little to nothing about website design, it can be a quite difficult to figure out who would be the best company or person to do it for you. Much of this will depend on what your business is about and what your business needs.

The best advice is to not hire someone directly out of school or a website business that designs multi-million dollar sites for large Corporate America. Research online, find some web designers that meet your needs and call them. Speaking with various people and what they have to offer as well as what they will charge will help to find the perfect match for you!

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