Using SEO For Conversion vs Ranking

2017 has already shown that bloggers and business owners are rethinking strategies because of constant change.  SEO is no exception!  No longer are people repeating a keyword within their posts or on their pages.  Now, your main keyword or phrase is being placed in very specific areas.  You want your keyword or phrase to appear in your title, within the first paragraph of your post, and in the last paragraph of your post.  This keyword or phrase should also appear in your header image file name, your title text, and Alt text.


Mobile Requirements:

Let’s face it, web design is continually developing around mobile devices. Your web design must be responsive, and there are countless numbers of designs out there to choose from.  Search for developers or find theme marketplaces for responsive designs and themes for absolutely everything, including simple HTML sites. These designs and themes all work with WordPress, Zoomla, Shopify, etc. Just shop around.


Ranking vs Creating Conversions:

Although it is a fact that good SEO will improve your ranking with search engines, you should look beyond that as well. You need to have the highest search volume to create conversions.

Unfortunately, many marketers will tell you that SEO is about ranking number one in search engines, but that’s not the case anymore.  Keyword phrases are useless without applying keyword visits and conversions.  It’s about finding high converting, non-branded keywords that will drive organic search traffic and conversions.  You must understand the intent of a potential customer’s search and how the keywords they use to describe your product or service will bring potential customers to the final step of making a purchase.

You should focus on specific traffic because they are more likely to convert. Specific traffic can be used to re-target in Google AdWords, through social media, and many other campaigns.  Specific traffic is more likely to convert than your general variety of traffic.


In Conclusion:

That said, remember the basics of staying in good standing with Google and keeping an eye on your business’ success in searches through Google Analytics and their Search Console.  Take your time finding the best keyword or phrase and other related phrases for your site’s pages and posts.  All new content you add should be optimized for those keyword phrases.

2017 is showing many changes for online marketers, business owners, and bloggers.  Keeping up with everything will be no easy feat.  You can stay on top of many changes by doing your homework online.  Developers, designers, and internet gurus are adding more and more valuable information every day to help you out.

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