Using Keywords The Right Way And Increase Your SEO


What if you threw a fundraiser for a cause that matters to you and no one showed up? Not only would that hurt your feelings but you didn’t raise any funds for your cause! Well, let’s switch the scenario to your online business blog! Why would you spend time and money only to have few to nil visitors and readers? Did you know that over 80% of blogs will fail rather quickly due to content or the owner doesn’t seem to understand how to get people to their blog.

It’s now time to put some time aside and discover how to make your site or blog a search friendly generator of traffic. This information is totally free of charge, all you need to do is commit some time to reading and ingesting this valuable information.

You Must Have A Good SEO Plug-In:

Having a good SEO Plug-In does not stop there. You can’t just install a software and walk away from it. Unfortunately, many bloggers install the software and that’s as far as they go and can’t understand why they have no results. You must understand how to use these soft-wares properly and picking the best keywords. For rather easy to use software, look into  WordPress SEO by Yoast, it’s easy to use and can be very effectual.

Do An Extensive Keyword Search:

You need to invest some time into understand keywords and what keywords will actually drive traffic. You should never believe you know what keywords are the best for your business. If you do extensive research, you will discover the keywords that are best suited for your product, blog or service. Grab onto Google Keyword Popularity Tool, it will be worth your time!

Tweak your keywords to a location. Example: “dog behavior training” is fine, but how about “dog behavior training in Dallas, TX”. Obviously, you are going to get a more select set of visitors because they live in the Dallas area. This is targeting your visitors within a certain area of the country.

If you are a local business, adding your city and state will create great results in local searches and reviews. You should create a free account with AdWords or, if you have one, sign in and start a keyword search for keyrords you believe are the most popular in viewer searches. As you enter various keywords, Google will add to that list with other relevant keywords that have been used over the past couple of months. Take this information and place them into a word document, or possibly Excel, and list them, by rank, from most popular to least popular.

Your Posts:

Always take a keyword that will be within your post permalink, your first sentence and within your title. Set your WordPress to name the page’s URL as the post’s name, you can always change this information by going into the settings then follow to permalinks and post name. But using WordPress will automatically place the keyword into your post’s URL or the permalink. This is a a very important step toward SEO success!

When writing your posts, keep your leading keywords in mind, do not use overkill because it will actually work against you. Sprinkle these important keywords throughout the post to be picked up by search engines.

Tie It Up:

At the end of your post, grab the default text in you SEO Title field located at the bottom of your page. This is your title along with the name of your blog. Copy the first sentence of your post and place it into the Meta Description field. If your first sentence does not include using a keyword, then grab the first sentence that does or write a sentence that includes that keyword. Place the keyword into the Meta Keywords field and that’s it!


Before jumping off the bridge to grab, what you think, is a perfect keyword do your homework. Research many keywords that are relevant to your business and discover what will work and what will not. During your research you might just discover what you thought was perfect really isn’t because something else will work even better.

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