The Value of Blog Posts With SEO Content

Writing good articles or posts, while provoking people drawing content, can be obtained with a little understanding about SEO friendly information. Obviously, you want your posts or articles to be well written but you also want them to rank high among search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) has millions of rules and regulations that are forever changing and evolving. It’s really important that you stay on top of these changes and are up to date with new SEO trends.

Writing SEO Friendly Blogs:

Before ever starting an article or blog for your site, you must do some research to find out what people are asking within their research. There are many various tools available to choose from for researching your keyword searches. Google Adwords is easy to use and very popular. Using one of these software programs, you will quickly discover the phrases, sentences and words viewers are using within their searches. Did you know that simply rephrasing a sentence or paragraph can increasing ranking with search engines? A simple word or sentence can all the difference in the world.

Make Sure Your Keywords Are Resonating Early On:

Once you have decided on the best keywords for your business, take these words and get them into your blog title and within the first few sentences in your post. This is key in ranking well among search engines.

Colons Actually Rock:

Strategical use of colons can actually make a big difference in balancing your SEO title. Consider: “Dog Obedience Tips” vs “Dog Obedience Tips: For People Like You”. If you hit on a variety of keywords, without seeming obvious, they can give you good SEO negotiations!

Short And To The Point:

Anyone who writes know your paragraphs should be short and to the point. Readers and viewers to you blog do Not want to read a ton of paragraphs or one paragraph that takes scrolling forever. People will pay attention to what is now called “listicles” which are formatting as lists. “10 Ways To Train Your Dog” vs “Ways To Train Your Dog”. The key to article and post writing is people want quick reads, not volumes.

Linking To Other Posts And Articles:

Linking is extremely important early on in your blog post. Link to previous articles or blogs that connect or are similar to the post you are writing now. All search engines really like links to content. Do not get crazy and go over the top. Search engines do not like overkill. Most successful bloggers will tell you to include a link every 100 words. Pick up your keywords, get them in your titles and subtitles with titles such as “How To Gain Access To Training Your Dog The Right Way” vs Click Here to Learn More.

Keep Your Word Count Low:

Those who have been blogging for a long time, and are considered the best out there, will tell you the rule of SEO blogging is to write a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 700 words. Most blogs and articles will rank better between these numbers.

Social Medias Are Your Friends:

Always share your current blog posts to your media sites, allowing friends to visit the site, read the blog and rank it. Some media sites have a no follow link. That simply means you will not gain any benefits from search engines because of your sharing on these social media sites.

Simply sharing this information on social sites does increase other people visiting your site. Another up front point, sharing your blog on Google+ will affect your overall results in the Google search. Facebook has an affect on Bing searches.


Write your blogs with SEO rich content, connect with friends on Facebook and/or other social medias. Make sure previous articles that are related to what you are writing now, are being linked to. Search engines love that stuff!


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