If Google Recommends Responsive Design For Your Website – Listen To Them!


Chances are if your website was built before 2011, you could be losing customers and not even know why.  You might not be aware that, today, more than 50% of searches on the internet are being conducted by mobile phones or iPads.  Therefore, if your site is not designed to deal with these devices, it will not show well and searchers will go somewhere else, leaving you in the lurch. You need to reach out to a company that offers responsive web design in San Diego!


Reasons Why Your Site Must Be Responsive For All Devices:

A website must be able to work on a number of devices and screen sizes and no one was more aware of this than Google in 2013. When Google announced their AdWords migration to Enhanced Campaigns, advertisers were flocking toward new designs, (known as responsive design) for tablets and phones.

Due to Google’s AdWords Enhanced Campaign, it’s really imperative you get your site updated in order to deal with these devices or lose business!  Why your website must be re-designed to level the playing field:



Referred to as “responsive design”, this is a relatively new technology that many web owners have not been aware of.  Owners who are considering updating their product should also look into responsive designing.  Your competitors are already jumping on the bandwagon so take that seriously.

Your customers will have a much more enjoyable experience and will be more conducive to filling out a simple form or making a purchase.  If searchers can use their various devices, it will allow your business to reach out to more customers.

If your site is a responsive website, you do not have to worry about spending all your time updating each time a device changes in screen size and design.  Your website will be displayed on the screen size of any given device and always look great no matter what!


Money & Time:

If your site is responsive, it will be the same on any and all devices.  You can adjust various elements for a particular screen by using CSS media queries.  Even though it might seem somewhat technical, this will save you money and time in your marketing needs.  Simply make the changes once, and that’s it!  Your site will be receptive to all devices.  If this is over your head, hire a developer to take care of it, you won’t regret it.


Listen To Google:

Google’s Developers website highly recommends web owners stay in step with the industry’s best practices by using responsive web design.  Use the same HTML for all devices and only CSS media queries to determine the interpretation of each device.  If Google recommends something, it’s a really good idea to take heed and listen.  Google has strongly recommended that developers use responsive design and development techniques when re-designing or building any website.

Web designing and updating is an ongoing practice with the introduction of new devices.  If you own a business in the area it is very important that you reach out to a company that offers responsive web design in San Diego. As a business owner, you must stay on top of these changes if you want your business to grow.  Responsive design is highly recommended by Google, so pay attention and listen! If you are looking for website design in San Diego, Exton Edge is at your service! Call us today!

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