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About us

Since 2008, Exton Edge has been providing premier marketing communications services to enhance our clients’ web presence and help them stand out. We listen, inquire, and assess our client’s needs with innovative, forward-thinking strategies. The team at Exton Edge realizes there is a need for businesses to stand out in a rapidly changing environment.

Imagine and create

With the current state of technology and the internet, we can bring your marketing ideas to life. Need a little help coming up with the right marketing plan?  As a team with 20+ years of digital marketing experience, we’re ready to get your project rolling.

Designing with innovation

Are you ready to set the trend for your industry with a fresh, new website, brand identity and style?  So many traditional businesses have been locked into an ‘industry standard’ look.  Its time to think outside the box and push your brand to the limits.

Simple is the new complex

Designing simple, effective elements is usually the most challenging part of web design.  We know that keeping it simple more effectively highlights the best that your company has to offer.  Let us help you create an impactful website or brand identity.

Evolving Design Trends

It is important to stay fresh, especially with design trends shifting every few months nowadays. Our designers are constantly researching and applying the latest design and marketing trends to ensure you appear innovative and cutting edge.

Calculated Marketing

Our team will develop a strategic marketing plan to market your company or business in the most effective was possible. At Exton Edge, we have over 30 years of combined experience in online marketing and will use our knowledge and expertise to help you reach your business goals.

Continuous Support

How was your experience with your last marketing or web developer you hired? Did they continue to give you support even after your project was completed or did they simply move on to the next opportunity? At Exton Edge we believe in building lasting relationships with our clients. We are always available , even after your project has been closed.

Be visible.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo love fresh content. The more new content you are adding to your site, the higher your authority and ranking will be with search engines. Content must be industry relevant, easy to read, and captivating to the audience. Our content writers can develop a comprehensive blog schedule for your website and put your words to work!

Our Services


Looking for an experienced company who can handle all of your digital marketing needs? Look no further! Exton Edge, located in beautiful San Diego, is here to help.
With 45+ years of combined experience in web marketing, we can assist you with web design, SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing and content marketing.
If you’re looking for a way to promote or brand your company in order to increase sales and boost your business, you’ve come to the right place.
Contact us today so we can tell you how we can improve your online presence to help your business thrive.

Web Design

At Exton Edge, we apply a keen eye, fresh perspective, and compelling aesthetic to achieve eye-catching results. Exton Edge’s graphic design team strives to make an impact. Our goal is to convey client’s messages clearly and effectively with a cutting-edge approach. We have experience working with HTML 5, WordPress, microsites, Adobe Flash, and more. In addition, we develop branding, logos, and other design work to meet any need.

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Content Marketing

Content management is an inherently collaborative process. Let Exton Edge work with you to identify content strategies to carry your brand’s mission to the masses. We are seasoned in crafting specialized messaging to attract attention, facilitate discussion, and make an impact. Our professional team has experience blogging, writing newsletters, drafting press releases, and ensuring your website remains fresh with creative content

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SEO is more important today than it has ever been. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other engines dominate Internet activity. SEO will allow your site to show up higher in search results, bringing in more potential customers. Exton Edge offers specialized SEO packages. Our experienced and highly qualified SEO team knows specific keywords, metatags, and other strategies that make your site searchable and visible on the Web’s top search engines.

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San Diego

Digital Marketing Locally and Nationally

Why Choose Us

Exton Edge specializes in personalized social media marketing, search engine optimization, graphic design, ad management, and online content management. Larger San Diego digital marketing agencies are unable to quickly shift gears and smaller firms cannot handle the excess workload large accounts can create. Exton Edge combines the positive aspects of both, providing an innovative, nimble, and reliable approach that is able to handle even the most intricate projects for your San Diego SEO and digital marketing needs. We believe in a unique strategic approach that allows us to provide clients with cutting-edge campaigns tailored to a specific audience.


Our Partner Clients

When we consult with your company about your online branding vision, we make sure that we are aligned in terms of style and expectations.  We want to hear your ideas and goals and we’re happy to share our suggestions and ideas so you can make an informed decision on what is best for your company.  We want our clients to be proud of the results of our collaboration.  Here are just a few of the companies we have worked with:


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Not only do we deliver great work to enhance your online reputation, we share our knowledge with the world. We update our blog regularly with current events and news related to online marketing , SEO, PPC and more. You can also follow us on Facebook!


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Get in touch with us! We would love to help you with your next digital marketing project.  We are a local San Diego agency, but we can help you wherever you are. We specialize in web design and online marketing and we can help with SEO, SEM, PPC and more!

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